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Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador Application

Do you love Ace & Ivy?  Would you like to represent Ace & Ivy as a Prep Ambassador at your school or on social media?    

What is an Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador?
An Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador is a true extension of the Ace & Ivy brand.  Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassadors personify what the Ace & Ivy brand stands for – loving pearls, bow ties, boat shoes, and most importantly, the coastal lifestyle.

What does an Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador actually do?  
Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassadors live the Ace & Ivy brand 24/7 and promote our lifestyle and  products to their friends and followers.

What can an Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador get out of the program?
In addition to the prestige associated with being an Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador, Prep Ambassadors earn a commission on every sale that is attributed to them,
plus awesome product freebies and deals!

Would you like to apply to be an Ace & Ivy Prep Ambassador?  
Fill out your details below!